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Air temperature°C
Air velocitym/s
Relative humidity%
Metabolic rate
Clothing level

With this application you can upload a large set of comfort model input parameters, visualize all of them simultaneously, and obtain useful aggregates.

The first step is to download the SI or IP unit template: [IP-unit template, SI-unit template] and open it with your favorite spreadsheet software. This file contains the header representing the column names of the input parameters. It's important that the name of each column remain unchanged, but the order of the columns does not matter. The subsequent rows contain the input parameters. Be careful that the values supplied match the units that the headers specify.

If you wish to omit a certain parameter and simply hold it constant, delete the entire column for that parameter from the input file. The default for the omitted parameters are set by the "default fields" inputs.

For example, if I have a set of air temperature, air velocity, and relative humidity measurements, and wish to plot these values with this application, I must make assumptions about the clothing level and metabolic rate. Supposing that the measurements were taken during the winter season, I might assume that the clothing level is 1.0. Similarly, we might assume a typical metabolic rate for office work of 1.2. As far as the mean radiant temperature, I might construct my input file such that it equals the air temperature. Thus my input file will have four columns, and the final two parameters will be held fixed according to the input boxes on the left.